Learn Presentation and Packaging of Wedding Gifts in a much detailed manner. 

Through professional trousseau packing course you will get to learn all the techniques to present wedding gifts

in a much detailed manner and you will also receive a detailed knowledge of latest trends and material present

at the market.    

learn splendid techniques like -

  1. Bow tying and brooch making
  2. Drapings
  3. How to make the base
  4. how to give heights to the objects
  5. How to make models 
  6. How to place flowers 
  7. jewelry display
  8. color theory 
  9. Material information
  10. business & marketing skills
  11. ETC.



5 Compulsory Sessions-

Session 1 - Ribbon Handling & Brooch Making 

Session 2 - Tray Making 

Session 3 - Basket Hamper 

Session 4 - Ring Platter 

Session 5 - Chocolate Bouquet 

Session 6 - Sari Packing demo

Session 7 - work from home business & marketing skills 

Choose any 5 -
Jewellery presentations 
•Presentation for groom 
•Wedding card presentation 
•Teddy bouquet 
•Photo bouquet 
•2 tiers candy presentations 
•Bird cage decoration 
•Diaper stroller 
•Hot air balloon
•Diaper cake 
•Bottle wrapping (3) 



Batch starting From

23rd April - 4th May 2018


Timings - 11am - 2pm 
 venue - club road, punjabi bagh extn

Whats Included

- Material 
- Guidebook
- Whatever you create
- Participation certificate

For Enquiry or Registration


30 NWA Ground Floor 

Club Road 

Punjabi Bagh extn.

New Delhi - 110026


Contact or Whatsapp us on +91 9910061560

email- thesmartwrap@gmail.com